About Garnet Creative

Run by Karen Pasternack Straus, a graphic designer with an MBA and substantial marketing experience, Garnet Creative is the partner you’ve been seeking. Garnet understands business from your perspective, can speak compellingly to your target audience, and will work seamlessly with you and your team to accomplish your goals.

Garnet’s Creative’s key strengths are in clarifying your audience(s) and their needs, and building a product roadmap and communications to reach them. Services focus on graphic design, including identity, publications, websites (mostly WordPress) and more. Consulting includes message development, business strategy and product management. Although my client base is diverse, I focus primarily on non-profits and B2B technology companies.

Karen is also a partner at Webmoxie.org, which supports larger projects and provides additional services including copy writing, video production, web apps, digital marketing campaigns, tradeshow prep, or even a complete outsourced Marketing Department. Although our client base is diverse, we focus primarily on non-profits and B2B products and services. We love tech startups!

Inquiries are welcome from prospective clients as well as agencies and design firms. Garnet Creative services are available on a freelance or retainer basis.

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