"Karen is fantastic to work with. She has a good sense of business and design and gets into the details of your product/service to become a true thought partner. "

Ravi Bhaskaran, Managing Partner
Fog City Capital

"Karen was able to work with a team to create a unified vision, and truly create an original and meaningful on-line presence for us. "

John Carlstroem, Head of School
Black Pine Circle School

"When you hire Karen, you are hiring much more than a graphic designer. Karen understands all facets of business and applies it to your marketing."

Allan Himmelstein, 
Sales Coach AZ

"I wouldn't hesitate to use her again for a project, and give her my highest recommendation."

Karen Leshner, Founder
Intrepid Philanthropy Foundation

"In addition to being a talented designer, she clearly articulates the rationale for different design approaches. She definitely delivered more than I expected."

Liz Steblay
ProKo Consulting

"Karen was able to help me develop a clearly articulated vision and a realistic multi-year plan. We had a successful launch event which Karen carefully planned and executed."

Kimberly Leight, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Founder, House of Light

"Karen is multi-talented, turning out beautiful work in record time. She's thoroughly professional, has an eagle eye and understands how design elements can work to draw eyes to your product, brand and message."

Corey Fischer
Actor, Playwright, Director, Consultant and Creative Coach